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Our Mission

The World Sanitation Financing Facility seeks to increase people's access to sanitation through collaboration and market-based financing solutions

WSFF is a coalition of multilateral, commercial, and citizen sector stakeholders working together to realize the opportunities of the sanitation market and provide financing for entrepreneurs, governments, municipalities, and communities in need. More about our role



Experience shows that public funding is not enough to ensure sanitation for all people and building subsidized toilets with limited funds has not proven to be the answer. But toilets and the related sanitation services are also not currently being supplied by the for-profit end of the financing spectrum. Most grant finance and for-profit approaches unfortunately do not encourage the collaboration and scale needed to meet the sanitation need.

Sanitation sector professionals are shifting their philosophy to focus on using grant finance to activate the latent demand for toilets. In this model, ensuring adequate supply of loan and investment finance for entrepreneurs and customers is critical to meeting this demand, as is finding viable business models within the sanitation market. This is easier said than done, but some exciting challenges and possibilities exist.

There is a growing realization that sanitation (unlike many issues in philanthropy) has a series of social, political, financial, and economic benefits that would make it ideal to prove a broader systemic model ... one that breaks down the silos, as many politicians across the spectrum have called for. If proven, this approach could be applied to other philanthropic and social issues.

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