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WSFF has convened the following organizations to look at sanitation solutions as a whole and what financing mechanisms could be created to support the supply of finance at scale. Organizations interested in participating are encouraged to contact us


Shortcuts:  Sanitation & Social Innovation | Finance | Performance Monitoring & Impact AssessmentMultilateral Organizations | Government | Legal


Sanitation & Social Innovation

Ashoka "Founded in 1980, Ashoka is the world’s working community of more than 2,000 leading social entrepreneurs. It champions the most important new social change ideas and supports the entrepreneurs behind them by helping them get started, grow, succeed, and collaborate." Read more
Envirotrade "Envirotrade, a Mauritius-based company with offices in both the UK and South Africa and project operations in Mozambique, has developed a business model using the sale of carbon offsets to support the conservation and management of existing forests and the planting of new ones." Read more
Hystra "Hystra is a new, hybrid type of consulting firm. Hystra works with business and social sector pioneers to design and implement hybrid strategies, innovative business approaches that are profitable, scalable and eradicate social and environmental problems and combine the insights and resources of business and citizen sectors." Read more
Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council

"The Collaborative Council exists under a mandate from the United Nations. It is governed by a multi-stakeholder steering committee elected by the Collaborative Council's members, combining the authority of the UN with the flexibility of an NGO and the legitimacy of a membership organisation.

WSSCC focuses exclusively on those people around the world who currently lack water and sanitation, with all its policies and work aimed only to serve those people. The Collaborative Council has a special interest in sanitation and hygiene and emphasises the need to view water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) as an inseparable trinity for development." Read more

World Toilet Organization World Toilet Organization (WTO) is a global non-profit organization committed to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide. WTO is also one of the few organizations to focus on toilets instead of water, which receives more attention and resources under the common subject of sanitation. Founded in 2001 with 15 members, it now has 235 member organizations in 58 countries working towards eliminating the toilet taboo and delivering sustainable sanitation. Read more




SFFX "Social Futures Exchange Corp. (SFFX) was founded in 2009 by Guillermo MacLean. Its aim is to facilitate financial innovations that will allow each society to reach its maximum potential: anything a society truly wants is financeable and achievable." Read more
Total Impact Advisors "Total Impact Advisor's mission is to advise both entrepreneurs and those seeking to maximize the social impact of their capital. With our deep roots in banking, development, innovation, public policy and private investment, we believe we have a team that can find the nexus where 'social purpose meets financial promise'." Read more
UBS Philanthropy Services "UBS Philanthropy Services is the premier partner for tailor-made philanthropy solutions for wealth management clients." Read more



Performance Monitoring & Impact Assessment

Keystone "Keystone's mission is to improve the effectiveness of social purpose organizations. We work with them to develop better ways of planning, measuring and reporting social change." Read more
SROI Network

" The SROI Network is a membership organisation and a company limited by guarantee. The objectives are:

  • To ensure the principles and standards of SROI are adhered to

  • To develop the methodology

  • To disseminate information on indicators and proxies for use in SROI analyses

  • To train SROI practitioners and provide peer support." Read more



Multilateral Organizations

UNICEF "UNICEF works in more than 90 countries around the world to improve water supplies and sanitation facilities in schools and communities, and to promote safe hygiene practices." Read more
WSP (World Bank)
"The Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) is a multi-donor partnership administered by the World Bank to support poor people in obtaining affordable, safe and sustainable access to water and sanitation services." Read more




Overseas Private Investment Corporation "The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) was established as an agency of the U.S. government in 1971. OPIC helps U.S. businesses invest overseas, fosters economic development in new and emerging markets, complements the private sector in managing risks associated with foreign direct investment, and supports U.S. foreign policy." Read more




Americans for Community Development ACD is the professional organization comprised of the individuals and organizations participating in the movement to create L3Cs (Low-profit Limited Liability Companies). ACD provides professional training, support, educational materials, certification and assistance to those who have formed L3Cs, those considering their formation, professionals working in the field, economic development officials, educators and students, government officials, and anyone else interested in L3Cs. In addition, ACD is the prime moving force behind state legislation facilitating L3Cs and federal legislation encouraging their use. ACD also is creating suggested standards and best practices for use of L3Cs. Read more
Bates Wells & Braithwaite "BWB is a commercial law firm servicing a wide range of commercial, statutory, charity and social enterprises (and their owners and managers)." Read more
Caplin & Drysdale "Caplin & Drysdale provides a full range of tax and legal services to companies, organizations, and individuals throughout the United States and around the world." Read more
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher "Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, with over 1,000 lawyers in 17 offices in major cities throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America, is committed to providing the highest quality legal services to its clients." Read more
Latham & Watkins "Founded in 1934, Latham & Watkins has grown into a full-service international powerhouse with approximately 2,000 attorneys in 30 offices around the world." Read more
L3C Advisors

"L3C Advisors is the first L3C created in the world and was organized to help others organize and finance L3Cs.

The L3C is a for profit venture that under its state charter must have a primary goal of performing a socially beneficial purpose, not maximizing income. The L3C facilitates Program Related Investments (PRIs) by foundations and facilitates tranched investing with the PRI usually taking the first risk position, thereby taking much of the risk out of the venture for other investors in lower tranches. Because the foundations take the highest risk at little or no return, it essentially turns the venture capital model on its head and gives many social enterprises a low enough cost of capital that they are able to be self-sustainable." Read more

Morrison Foerster "Imagine lawyers who are as interested in what you do as you are. Who understand the value of your new technology or new product or new transaction. Who are prepared to work with you to create it, protect it and maximize your opportunity to derive value from it. Who’ll help you to bring it to fruition, or finance it, or bring it to market, or sell it. And, who are prepared to zealously defend it – in or out of court. Imagine lawyers with imagination. This is MoFo." Read more