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Revolutions require revolutionary behavior

6 October 2013

In his most recent op-ed piece for Pioneers Post, Arthur Wood explains why "the current social investment market is like blindfolded men and women feeling the proverbial elephant – except that each elephant of the herd is also blindfolded in its sectoral silo (functional and governmental), having multiple providers of food, who feed it at different times for different reasons, who regularly change how, where and what they want to feed – and then look for the elephant to produce a pint of milk – and then also expect the herd to pull in one direction." See more at:

Outcome models look promising for sanitation, says UNESCAP report

9 July 2013

A new UNESCAP paper suggests that outcome models may be key to closing the gap in sanitation. The outcome-based financing model and the broader Impact investing paradigm, offer impact investing several advantages, such as leveraging of investment funds for social purpose, injecting the discipline and opportunities of the marketplace and internalizing the social benefits into the system of incentives and contractual arrangements.

Download the paper here.

Leveraging Billions into Impact Investing

29 January 2013

In a recent television interview, l'AGEFI journalist, Nicolette de Joncaire, met with Arthur Wood – WSFF convener and founding partner Total Impact Advisors – to discuss the inefficiencies of traditional social capital markets and how the emergence of new legal and investment structures promises to bring greater scale and collaboration to the sector.

"This issue is not about money. It is about taking the tools that we understand in modern capitalism and applying them to this sector." - Arthur Wood